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Dust Collectors, Industrial Vacuum Cleaners, and Mist Collection Systems by IAS

Offering dust collectors and industrial vacuum cleaners. Mist collection systems, industrial and commercial vacuum loaders, sweepers and scrubbers, welding fume extractors and extraction arms, HEPA filter air cleaners and HEPA vacuums for contamination control, explosive dust suppression and OSHA standards compliance

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For problem smoke, dust, fumes, mist and odors, let Industrial Air Solutions create an in-plant clean air solution specifically for you.  IAS air filtration products help you meet and exceed OSHA Standards and EPA Regulations.

New OSHA Hexavalent Chromium Standard Compliance

OSHA Compliance Fume CollectorsClick here for local exhaust ventilation systems
 for compliance with the new
OSHA standard for
Hexavalent Chromium!

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Check Out Our Featured Products!

Explosion Proof Vacuums  

Explosion Proof vacuums We carry the industry's most compre-hensive line of explosion proof vacuums, including compressed air combustible dust vacuums, electric dust ex vacuums, immersion wet pickup vacuums for highly explosive materials and central explosion proof vacuums systems, as well as explosion proof vacuum tools, hose and accessories — all NEFP and NEC 500-5 and ATEX compliant.

extraction arms - fume arms by Coral  

extraction arms for fume and dust collectionEvolution Extraction Arms The industry's premier extraction arm by Coral, for cost-effective source capture of fumes, dust, mist and smoke.

drum top barrel vacuums


Drum Top barrel vacuums - Convert any standard 55-gallon drum into a powerful industrial vacuum. Includes toolkit and wet pickup adaptor for a truly economical solution. Up to 295 CFM airflow!

HEPA Vacuums for Lead Paint Removal

HEPA Vacuums for Lead Paint Removal - Get OSHA compliant with our complete line of HEPA vacuums for lead paint removal. From our ultra-compact backpack HEPA vacuum to out workhorse gas powered HEPA vacuums, we have the right vacuum for any size lead abatement project.

Dustless Hardwood Floor Refinishing

Dustless Hardwood Floor Refinishing - A full line of dustless hardwood floor refinishing vacuums, engineered for the professional wood flooring contractor. heavy-duty electric and gas-powered vacuums 99.9% efficient at eliminating dust from wood floor sanding, marble polishing, concrete grinding and more.

Hopper Vac Compressed Air Industrial Vacuum XtractMAXtm-Hopper Vac 100 Compressed Air Venturi Vacuums offer  65 gallons of usable storage. Forklift pockets and huge discharge gate make disposal of even heavy or bulky waste quick & easy.
Elephant-Vac Commercial Litter Vacuums Elephant-Vac Litter Vacuums Elephant-Vac offers a line of riding vacuums, skid-mounted, tractor mount and pull-around indoor litter vacuums with vortex-action airflow and balanced spring hose booms.

rider commercial vacuum sweepers

Tomcat Vacuum Sweepers  These super quiet, battery powered commercial vacuum cleaners devour everything from fine dust to gravel on carpet, tile, concrete, sports courts, parking lots and more -- floor sweepers in walk-behind and rider sweeper models.

industrial commercial floor scrubbers

Tomcat Automatic Floor Scrubbers Commercial and industrial floor scrubbers in walk-behind and rider models with scrub paths up to 43". Highly maneuverable, superior battery life and rugged steel construction. 

continuous duty portable & Central Industrial vacuums

Arco Wand Continuous Duty Portable and Stationary Industrial Vacuums - Super reliable and ultra low-maintenance, the  Arco Wand continuous duty industrial vacuums are engineered with slow-speed motors for quiet, dependable 24/7 operation

laser marking & welding fume collectors by XtractMAX

XtractMAXtm-LV Laser Fume extractors for laser welding, cutting, marking, drilling and machining.


XtractMAXtm Compressed Air venturi Industrial Vacuums

XtractMAXtm  Electric Portable Vacuums with optional HEPA filter for 99.97% efficiency @ .3 microns

Hopper Vac pre-separator

 XtractMAXtm Hopper Vac Pre-Separator - 55-gallon drum bottom dump receivers with forklift pockets and huge discharge gate

Dust Collection Systems by Torit


DFC Down Flow Cartridge dust collectors by IAS

Modular High-Performance Mist Collectors by Torit

High Efficiency Fiberbed Mist/Smoke Collectors


New OSHA Hexavalent Chromium Standard Compliance

OSHA Compliance Fume CollectorsClick here for local exhaust ventilation
systems for compliance with the new OSHA
 standard for
Hexavalent Chromium!

We carry ONLY the top lines available in the industry.  And we're committed to making your workplace a cleaner, healthier and more productive environment.  Click here to see our Full Product List.

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