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Dust Flow Cartridge Dust Collectors

The Dustflow horizontal cartridge dust collector provides reliable, high efficiency filtration in a compact size. Quality construction and simple design ensure long-term, trouble-free operation. The Dust Flow is suitable for a wide range of applications from controlling fumes and nuisance dusts to product recovery.

The benefits include:

  • Filter cartridges are quickly and conveniently serviced from outside the collector; no confined space entry permit needed.

  • Modular panelized design allows easy capacity increases. Multiple units share common hoppers and minimized clean air ducting.

  • Compact design saves space and is suitable for spot

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Horizontal Cartridge Filtration (HCF)- Cartridge Dust Collectors

The HCF Collector is a horizontally mounted and hanging cartridge collector to filter airborne dust and fume. The cartridge filters are automatically cleaned with a pulse of air. Two configurations are available; an ambient style and a ducted version.


  • Filters dry dust, fume and general airborne dry particles.

  • HEPA like cartridges achieve 99.97% efficiency.

  • Unique self cleaning pulse-jet system.

  • Can be configured as either a ducted unit or an ambient unit.

Iperjet DF Cartridge Dust Collectors

The IPERJET DF is equipped with horizontal filter cartridges suitable for suction and filtration of welding fumes, fine and coarse dusts as well as small quantities of chips, dusts/fumes from thermic cutting. Great For– Grinding, Deburring, Laser Cutting, Welding, Marking, and Much More.


  • High efficiency filtering for fine and coarse dusts.

  • High performance fan.

  • Lower noise level.

  • Internal spark chamber.

  • Energy saving.

  • Horizontal cartridges make for easy access and quick maintenance.

  • Portable unit.

(Download the brochure, click here)

Vertical Cartridge Filtration (VC)- Cartridge Dust Collectors

The VC Series of Vertical Cartridge Filter Collectors are designed to provide efficient, cost-effective control of dust, fumes, smoke, gas and vapors generated from a wide range of manufacturing and process applications. Suitable for moderate to heavy concentrations of dry contaminants, the VC Series features self-cleaning, pulse-jet filter rejuvenation to minimize downtime, maintenance and replacement filter costs.

A variety of configurations are available for the VC Vertical Cartridge Collectors — such as a floor stand with hopper and dust drawer. Dual motor horsepower and blowers are available depending on airflow and contaminant loading requirements. An array of filter options are available depending on the application, including a HEPA filter cabinet module for smoke and super-fine dusts.

Standard Features include:

  • 2000 to 5000 nominal CFM airflow.

  • 1096/1644 square feet of filter surface area.

  • Automatic timer pulse-jet filter cleaning system.

  • Magnehelic filter change-out gauge.

  • Floor stand and hopper for 55 gallon drum.

  • Industrial grade powder coat finishing.

  • Direct drive backward inclined airfoil non-overloading fan.

  • 11 & 14 gauge heavy duty steel construction.

  • Wide variety of filter options, including a HEPA cabinet.

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Above: DFC3-6 DustFlow Cartridge Dust Collector with Rotary Valve at Major Fire Extinguisher Manufacturer

Above: DDFC3-12 Dust Flow Cartidge Dust collector on Robotic Welding Line

Above: DFC3-18 DustFlow Cartridge Dust Collecotr at Raleigh, NC Welding Trade School

Above: DFC3-48 DustFlow Cartridge Dust Collector with Air Management Module being installed


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