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"Choose a cartridge filtration system to continuously 
collect fine airborne dry weld fume and dust. "

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Modular MediaFilter with 4" arm
The CX Series is ideal for continuous duty requirements.

Cartridge Filtration Systems
500 to 7500 CFM

Smoke and fume is sub micron particulate created by processes such as welding, rubber and plastic processing, high speed machining with coolants, tempering quenching, and furnaces. 

The CX Series Air Filtration systems work as stand-alone units or partner with existing manufacturing processes to collect in-plant airborne dust and particulate.

During normal operations contaminated air enters from the top of the CX collector and passes down through the filter cartridges.

Dust collects on the outside of each filter, and is periodically blasted clear of the filters using compressed air. The filtered air flows through the center of cartridges into the clean air plenum and exits through the outlet.

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Maintenance is easy! A solid state control timer and solenoid valve provide quiet, automatic, and sequential filter cleaning. The self-contained valves are protected from environmental elements to insure productive operations. 

Accessible filter covers make filter changes quick and simple. No tools required! Just unscrew the integral knob, remove the cover, and replace the filter cartridge. DuraAer™ filter cartridges are standard with the CX Series. 

If an application requires a different type of cartridge filter, then just choose another one from our broad selection of filter cartridges.

The CX Series is available with 2, 4, 6, 9, and 12 filter cartridges. Choosing the size of the collector depends on the application and CFM requirements. 

Standard cabinet features include an integrated hopper, hopper outlet slide gate with flex hose and drum cover, and mounted, pre-wired control-box with magnehelic gauge. 

Multiple inlet collars and locations support a variety of ductwork, and leg heights accommodate the employment of a 5-gallon pail, a 30 or 55-gallon drum. CFM capabilities range from 500 to 7500.

A CX9 Cartridge Filtration System captures fumes and smoke from a welding application.









12-gauge steel housing
Integral 12-gauge steel discharge
DuraAer™ filter cartridges provide 99.9% flirtation efficiency
Convenient front access ports speed filter changes - no tools required
Backward inclined, direct drive fan provided high airflow and increased static pressure.
208-230/460/3/60 operation
Magnehelic gauge shows pressure drop across cartridge filter to aid
Integrated lifting lug.
Mounted and pre-wired control time
in a NEMA 4 panel.
Multiple inlet and fan locations.
Enclosed solenoids make the CX
collector the quietest in history.
One row deep filters assures thorough cleaning.

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