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Iperjet DF

Iperjet DF

​Cartridge Dust Collector

IPERJET DF is equipped with horizontal filter cartridges suitable for suction and filtration of welding fumes, fine and coarse dusts as well as small quantities of chips, dusts/fumes from thermic cutting. Great For– Grinding, Deburring, Laser Cutting, Welding, Marking, and Much More. The Iperjet filters and sorts the larger particles into the collection bin and the remainder dust is then filtered through the high efficiency cartridge filters. While the high performance fan, placed just on the top of the unit, assures a high suction capacity and a low noise level. Thanks to the pneumatic adjustable cleaning system (with compressed air) the perfect efficiency of the cartridges is assured.

Iperjet DF 6
Iperjet DF 6

Features and Specifications

  • High efficiency filtering for fine and coarse dusts.
  • High performance fan.
  • Lower noise level.
  • Internal spark chamber.
  • Energy saving.
  • Horizontal cartridges make for easy access and quick maintenance.
  • Portable unit.
Units Iperjet DF 4 Iperjet DF 6
Air Flow 1800 cu ft/min 2400 cu ft/min
Static Pressure 7" H2O 8" H2O
Filtering Surface 517 sq ft 775 sq ft
Cartridge Dimensions 8.38" x 29.52" 8.38" x 29.52"
Working Tank Header Pressure 73 psi 73 psi
Voltage 230/460/3/60 230/460/3/60
HP 4 5