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Model IMPS-24 Immersion Separator


Immersion Separator

The IMPS-24 pre-separator systems are designed to safely collect and neutralize combustible materials and glowing media such as aluminum, titanium, magnesium and zirconium. This separation system is designed to be used upstream with one of our industrial vacuum systems as a power source.

The IMPS-24 is constructed of anti-sparking stainless steel material and is designed to submerge 100% of the intake material in a mineral oil bath so the chance of an outside ignition source entering the vacuum is eliminated. The immersion separator will safely collect these materials and other volatile dusts.

Features and Specifications

  • ​Constructed of low-sparking materials and grounded components
  • Equipped with a grounding strap for added safety
  • 3/4-inch drain valve for easy emptying of the fluid
  • Sight tube to monitor liquid level
  • Anti-static swivel casters for high maneuverability
  • Coalescent filters that prevent the passage of fluid droplets that have been agitated by the working air from passing back to the vacuum

Additional Options

  • ​Hydrogen relief vent available
Technical Specifications
Machine Inlet 1.5- or 2-inches
Tank Capacity 24 gallons
Dimensions (inches) 22.4 x 33.9
Weight 50 lbs