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ATEX EcoBull Vacuum

Eco Bull Series

Continuous Duty Portable Vacuum (ATEX Option)

Built with a rugged frame, larger filter and dirt can, the Eco Bull can handle even the toughest jobs. The powerful 4 HP Direct Drive vacuum producer will run all day without overheating.

The Eco Bull is built on a compact heavy-duty steel frame with an epoxy powder coated finish. Our new oversized Micro Fiber TF Filtration System is 99% efficient at .5 microns and is easily cleaned by the external filter shaker handle on the side of the unit.

Explosion Proof EcoBull

The XP EcoBull is fully grounded from tip to tail and is supplied with anti-static filters, casters and stainless steel construction on the baghouse and dirt can. The Eco Bull continuous duty portable explosion proof vacuum is good for cleaning up most combustible dusts to reduce the risk of explosions in a facility. Built with a rugged frame, larger filter, and dirt can, the Eco Bull handles even the toughest jobs with ease. The 6 HP direct drive vacuum producer is the most powerful in the EcoBull lineup and will run all day without overheating. The EcoBull is designed to CE, UL, and CSA standards for Class II Div II Group E F &G and ATEX 22 Certified.

Standard EcoBull Black
Standard EcoBull Black

Features and Specifications

  • ‚ÄčHeavy-duty powder coated steel construction
  • Quick release waste bin on wheels means no mess and nothing to carry
  • 3450 RPM direct driven blowers (no belts) which need no maintenance
  • Anti-Sparking stainless steel construction on baghouse and dirt can (XP Versions)
  • Long life dependable Siemens regenerative high performance blowers
  • Vacuum relief valves to protect the blower from overheating
  • Built-in hose and tool carrier
  • IP65/Nema 4 switch pre-wired with cord and no plug
  • 2-inch inlet deflector and locking caster
  • Fully anti-static grounded design
  • Vacuum gauge
EcoBull Model ATEX XP Standard
Voltage 230/460/3/60 230/460/3/60
Horsepower 6 HP 4 HP
Power 11 / 5.5 amps 12 / 6.5 amps
Vacuum 7.68" Hg 7.6" Hg
CFM 295 208
Filter Area 26 sq ft 26 sq ft
Filter Efficiency 99% @ .5 microns 99% @ .5 microns
Dirt Can Size 17 Gallons 17 Gallons
Inlet 2-inch with deflector 2-inch with deflector
Weight 157 lbs 157 lbs
Dimensions 31.5" W x 25.6" D x 61" T 31.5" W x 25.6" D x 61" T