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​Industrial Walk Behind and Riding Sweeper

TomCat Series

​Industrial Walk Behind and Riding Sweeper

When you need a quiet battery-powered vacuum floor sweeper that’s powerful enough to pick up the toughest debris — from fine dust to dirt to rocks, broken glass, nails, cement, gravel and more — and agile enough to fit through doors, up steep ramps and around tight corners,Tomcat Sweepers are the vacuum to do the job.

These rugged powder-coated steel floor sweepers cruise over carpet, tile, concrete, parking lots and sports courts with ease. The powerful sweeping system lifts and grooms carpet fibers for a like-new look to corridors, lobbies, waiting areas and dining halls. And with near-silent operation, continuous cleaning is possible without disturbing guests.

Tomcat commercial vacuum’s Central Command II system features an LCD readout, full on-board diagnostics, and three different hour meters, recording transport, sweeping and key-on time elapsed.

These vacuum cleaners can also be restricted with maximum run speed, reverse speed, acceleration rates and brush pressure settings to protect operators, guests and facilities.

Diagram of a Riding TomCat Sweeper
Diagram of a Riding TomCat Sweeper
Riding Commercial Vacuum Sweeper
Riding Commercial Vacuum Sweeper
Baghouse Filter
Baghouse Filter

Features and Specifications

Tomcat Sweepers feature a dual-stage cleaning system:

A powerful broom spins at 400 rpm, shoveling debris into the oversized hopper (2 cubic feet on the 3300 and 297 models and 4 cubic feet on the 4700).

Mounted on a trailing arm suspension, the broom self adjusts to floor changes, eliminating the need to constantly adjust for uneven surfaces.

A high-volume, high-capacity filtration system collects dust in the exclusive baghouse filter whose 5,182 square inches of felt polymer media traps particles as small as 1 micron. Under normal conditions, this filter will last the life of the machine.

Rugged 7-gauge steel construction is powder coated, making Tomcat Vacuum Sweepers 16 times more resistant to corrosion than standard air-dried enamel. These floor vacuums are built to withstand even the harshest environments, like foundries and metal fabrication shops.

Tomcat’s long-run-time battery powered sweepers eliminate noise, fumes, and the hassle of engines — no oil to change or propane bottles to lug. Service for Tomcat motors is recommended every 2,000 hours. Compare that to every 200 hours for an engine!

  • Powerful sealed motor drive, able to climb steep ramps
  • Non-marking tires standard — protects floors
  • Cleans up to 60,568 sq. ft./hr
  • 7-guage powder coated steel construction
  • Quiet operation — 71 dBA
  • Up to 9 hours battery run time
  • 250 cfm vacuum power
  • Baghouse filter with 5,128 sq. in. polymer felt filter media
  • 33”, 37” or 48” cleaning widths
  • Powerful 400 rpm direct throw sweeping system
  • Trailing arm suspension self-adjusts broom to floor
  • Automatic-set parking break for operator safety
  • Optional speed and brush pressure restrictors