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Pepperidge Farms Case Study

DFC2-8 with Q-Box at Pepperidge Farms

Industrial Air Solutions was approached by a Pepperidge Farm to provide a solution to their food mixing and packaging facility in South Carolina. The facility needed to upgrade certain equipment and replace obsolete and outdated equipment with the goal of increasing the efficiency of the operations, improving the cleanliness of the facility and increasing workers’ safety.

Bringing the facility in line with NFPA 654 and local regulations, called for safety measures such as Explosion-Venting and tip to tail Dissipation of Static Electricity as well as providing numerous paths to ground. We were asked to provide a turn-key solution and to also provide training for the operators of the equipment.

Efficient, sanitary processing for flour, sugar and other baking ingredients require superior dust control as the ingredients are transported and moved through mixing and processing. In addition, as with all powdered grains, dust accumulates throughout the plant and needs to be cleaned for sanitation and safety. Dust plumes can escape away during mixing and batching operations and can accumulate in hidden places such as above drop ceiling tiles. There are numerous examples of this hidden danger causing fatal explosions. Industrial Air Solutions was able to bring 25 years of industry leading experience in Dust Collection to provide a solution. Complete capture of the fugitive dust at the source was our mission. The system also needed to be ergonomic and easy to clean and maintain.

Custom-Designed Solution for Pepperidge Farm

We recommended our DFC3-12 – 12 Cartridge Central Dust Collector with Explosion Venting for ST1 Dusts. We also installed Ducting to 12 work stations, along with several of our Wall Mounted Coral Evolution 6” x 10’ ATEX Food Grade Extraction Arms. These arms provide full range of movement throughout its 10’ reach in almost any direction. The Coral Evolution ATEX Extraction Arms are made from food grade metals, conductive and food grade urethane flex joints, as well as tip to tail grounding.

As well as providing turn-key installation, we still service the equipment and are able to provide filters and parts almost immediately. In addition to our Dust Collection Systems that can be set up for Explosion-Proof operation, we are also the North American Rep for Depureco Industrial Vacuums who based in Turin, Italy. The Depureco line of Explosion-Proof Vacuums are a perfect partner to our Dust Collection systems.

Installation of Industrial Air solution’s equipment met the specific equipment requirements for the project. In addition, the plant reported increased cleanliness, improvements in efficiency, and decreased maintenance man hours throughout the plant.